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Work Permit Consulting For Foreign Labors In Vietnam

There are some foreign labors working for your company and you want to get some information about: + Are foreign labors eligible to apply for Vietnam Work Permit? + Are their documents issued in foreign countries suitable for their job position and legal to use in Vietnam? + Who are exempted from Vietnam Work Permit? + How to apply for Vietnam Work Permit or Work...

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Vietnam work permit for south korean labors

Work Permit Consulting for South Korea Labors in Vietnam

Vietnam Work Permit is considered the most important permission for foreign labors to work legally in Vietnam and the necessary condition to apply for Working Visa (LĐ visa) and Temporary Residence Card. With over 10-year experience in Vietnam Immigration, business consulting, and over 5 years in supporting Work Permit for thousands of foreign labors in Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Hung Yen, Vinh Phuc, Thai Nguyen, Hai...

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Vietnam work permit exemption

Vietnam Work Permit Exemption

Legal grounds Labor Code No. 10/2012/QH13 dated 18 June 2012 taking effect effective date from 1 May 2013 (the “New Labor Code”). Decree No. 102/2013/ND-CP dated September 5, 2013 – New Decree on foreigners working in Vietnam The cases in which the foreign worker is exempt from applying for the work permit 1. As contributing member, or owners of limited liability company 2. As a...

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Vietnam work permit

Procedures to Apply for Vietnam Work Permit

In most cases, a work permit is required when working in Vietnam for more than three months. Where a work permit is not compulsory, a notice must be submitted seven days in advance to the provincial Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs (DoLISA) prior to working in Vietnam. Currently, work permits for foreigners are valid for a maximum of two years. In order to...

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