Instructions for Issuing Certificate of Visa Exemption for overseas Vietnamese

instruction for issuing certificate of visa exemption for overseas Vietnamese
12 Oct 2015

Certificate of Visa Exemption is valid for up to five years and offers maximum duration of each stay in Vietnam up to 6 months according to the Decree 82/2015/NĐ-CP dated on September 24th, 2015 and be effected on November 15, 2015.

This certificate is applied to Vietnamese residing abroad and foreigners who are spouses, children of Vietnamese residing abroad or Vietnamese citizen.

In this article, would like to give instruction for issuing Certificate of Visa Exemption for overseas Vietnamese.

Documents required:

1. One completed Application Form (Applicants need to perform the Online Application Form, then to be printed out and submitted to the Embassy/ Vietnam Immigration Department, this is a compulsory requirement).

2. Two recent passport photographs (size 4×6, with white background, direct look, without glasses or headwear), one of which should be attached to the form.

3. Foreign passport or another ID form in lieu of passport whose validity must exceed the entry date to Vietnam by six months. A copy of the passport and ID documents must also be submitted for record at the Embassy/ Vietnam Immigration Department. However, Travel Documents which explicitly forbid the holder to go to Vietnam are not accept.

4. One of the following documents determining Vietnamese origin (if applicable):

–  Certificate of Vietnamese citizenship,

–  Copy or excerpts of the Presidential Decree granting the holder of Vietnamese citizenship,

–  Copy or excerpts of the Presidential Decree relieving the holder of Vietnamese citizenship,

–  Certificate of Relief of Vietnamese citizenship,

–  Current or previous Vietnamese passport (s),

–  Current or previous Vietnamese Identity Card(s),

–  Birth Certificate (Original or Copy),

–  Most recent Voting Registration Card,

–  Household Book,

–  Travel Document issued before 1975,

–  Vietnamese Identity Card issued before 1975,

–  Birth Certificate or Excerpts of Birth Register issued before 1975,

–  Documents issued by a foreign authority confirming the Vietnamese origin or the original Vietnamese nationality of the holder.

–  A photocopy of the relevant document is required for record at the Embassy/ Vietnam Immigration Department.

5.  In case of failure to produce the above mentioned documents, one of the following documents should be submitted instead:

Guarantee by an association of Vietnamese residents registered and recognized by foreign Government.

Guarantee by a Vietnamese citizen whose original Vietnamese Passport or Identity Card must be submitted.

No certification is required for these documents.

If you have any question about Visa Exemption for foreigners who are spouse, children of overseas Vietnamese or Vietnamese citizens, please feel free to contact


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