Vietnam Immigration

Support all procedures about Vietnam Immigration such as: Vietnam visas (Tourist visa, Business visa, Investor visa, Labor visa, Visiting Relative visa), Visa on arrival, visa at Vietnam embassies/ consulates abroad, Visa extension/ renewal, Temporary resident card, Vietnam visa exemption card.

Migration Visas

Assist Vietnamese people and Expat in Vietnam can get visa for tourist, business, intership or visiting relative to other countries from Vietnam such as: China, Mongolia, Myanmar, India, Cambodia, Laos, South Korea, Japan, United States of America, United Kingdom, Schengen, Canada, Australia, Dubai, UAE, …..

Vietnam Work Permit

Helpful information and services to foreign labors, who are working for companies in 63 provinces and cities of Vietnam can apply to get Vietnam work permit and Vietnam work permit exemption certificate. One of most important conditions to apply long term visa or temporary resident card in Vietnam.

Business Consulting

Assist foreign individuals or organization investors can establish company, open representative offices and branches in Vietnam. We give our clients the whole picture of the environment through legal documents, statistical figures and up-to-date information about the current economy and different business fields, which would help clients participating in their commercial and investment affairs with ease.

Legalization Services

Consular Legalization services  are rendered to Vietnamese citizens requiring Vietnam official (public) documents to be legalised for use abroad and foreign nationals requiring their national official documents to be legalised for use in Vienam. We will be the person, who receive the authorization from documents owners to get the certification and seal for the documents.

Travel Services

You want to have a trip in Vietnam, you need some services for your events or your weekend, you have business trip to other countries? We can arrange and book all travel services such as: flight tickets, train tickets, event tickets, hotel reservation, free and easy tours, fast track services, car rental, transfer services in Vietnam or other countries you have business.