One visa, five countries: South Africa launches Univisa for tourists

One visa, five countries: South Africa launches Univisa for tourists
13 Jun 2024

Imagine being able to traverse the dazzling landscapes and experience South Africa ‘s diverse culture  with just one visa. This convenience is now a reality with the expansion of the Univisa program, allowing for seamless travel through  Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

What exactly is Univisa?

Univisa is a special tourist or tourist visa  that grants access to multiple countries within a specific region with a single application.  Currently used by Zambia and Zimbabwe, this visa will now cover  Angola, Botswana and Namibia, greatly simplifying travel logistics.

South African tourism without borders: Univisa expansion

During a recent summit in Livingstone, Zambia  , leaders from member  KAZA (Kavango-Zambezi Transboundary Conservation Area)  committed to expanding the Univisa program. This means tourists can visit multiple countries with one visa, boosting South African tourism and making travel more convenient.


Although the official launch date of the Univisa expansion has not yet been announced, leaders are still dedicated to making it happen. Initially, the program will cover five KAZA member countries, with the possibility of future expansion to the entire  Southern African economic bloc  .

Prepare for your South African adventure

As official registration and implementation details are being finalized, travelers can start planning their trips. From  the majestic Victoria Falls  to  the vast Kalahari Desert, South Africa offers countless unforgettable experiences.



Time:  7 – 14 working days


  1. Passport (valid for at least 30 days after the intended date of departure from South Africa).
  2. Photo 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm (02 photos taken no more than 3 months, white background)
  3. Personal, personal and social documents:

+ Permanent residence book (original).

+ Marriage/divorce certificate (notarized copy)

+ ID card (copy)

  1. Documents proving finances:

+ Individual: Savings book or confirmation of savings book balance at the bank (100 million VND)

+ Organization/Enterprise stands out to prove: The letter of appointment on a business trip must clearly state that the company or organization will bear all expenses for the person being sent. There must be an account balance or documents proving the company’s charter capital.

+ The inviter must prove: If in the invitation letter it is mentioned that “the inviter will be responsible for the costs”, then the individual only needs to prove finances of about 50 million VND. The inviter needs documents proving income in South Africa or tax payment documents from South Africans.

  1. Documents proving work:

+ Business owner: business trip letter, appointment letter, business certificate, explanation form, investment certificate,…

+ Employee: decision on leave from the managing agency, labor contract (copy)

  1. Travel invitation letter:

* In case of traveling to South Africa with a letter of guarantee from South Africa: 

+ Clearly state the information of the invitee and the inviter (full name, passport number, date of birth)

+ Need to explain why the applicant is invited to South Africa.

+ Specific date the invited person will enter South Africa and exit date.

+ The inviter needs to clearly sign at the end of the letter.

* In case of traveling to South Africa on your own without an inviter: 

+ Translation of ID card in English.

+ Real estate ownership documents/House purchase and sale contract to prove the bond between the land and the person leaving the country.

+ Judicially notarized household registration book/or Certificate of local residence, Temporary residence certificate.

+ Proof of electricity and water usage for the last 3 months.

* In case the inviter is Vietnamese in South Africa:  Required to present a copy of the inviter’s real estate ownership in South Africa.

  1. Prove the identity of the person signing the invitation: ID card number or passport number of the person signing the invitation.
  2. South Africa travel plan: If the applicant has a specific travel plan or is just guessing about places to visit in South Africa, please state it in this travel plan.
  3. Copy of round-trip airline ticket, documents proving hotel reservation corresponding to the duration of the trip (originals, copies are only accepted in English).
  4. Travel and repatriation medical insurance (original and copy in English).
  5. Yellow fever vaccination certificate if the journey passes through areas with this disease in Africa and South America.


* All documents proving financial + professional proof must be in English and notarized translation.

* The Embassy does not refund the Visa fee when the visa is not approved.

For detailed information about consulting services on procedures for applying for a South African tourist visa, please contact  for the best advice and support.

For detailed information about South Africa tourist visa, please  contact  us for the best support.

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