Visa to Tanzania

Visa thăm thân Tanzania

Documents for Tanzania Visitor Visa

People traveling to Tanzania for Visiting friends, family members or relatives must obtain for Visitor Visa or Relative Visitor Visa, except for some countries exempted from Visa to Tanzania. Documents to apply for Visitor or Relative Visitor Visa: 1. Applicant’s passport must have validity of at least six(6) months 2. 1 copy of Application form 3. 2 color photos 4. Documents from Inviter as an Tanzania citizen: + Copy of...

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Thủ tục xin visa công tác Tanzania

How to Apply for Tanzania Business Visa?

Tanzania is an emerging economy with a very high growth potential. Whilst the economy is relatively diversified, a number of opportunities remain untapped in many sectors. However, to travel to Tanzania for Business purpose, visitors must apply for Tanzania Business visa, except for some countries exempted from Tanzania visa. Documents required for Tanzania Business Visa: 1. Applicant’s passport must have validity of at least six(6) months...

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Tanzania tourist visa

Tanzania Tourist Visa Requirements

Home to ‘the Big Five’, a big mountain and a whole host of big experiences, Tanzania is a must for every African adventurer. Search for predators in the Ngorongoro Crater, chill out on Zanzibar’s perfect beaches and climb the continent’s highest peak. Tanzania offers outdoor experiences, supreme wildlife viewing, warm people and the chance to connect with ancient cultures. However, visitors must obtain Tanzania Tourist...

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visa exemption to tanzania

Countries Exempted from Visa to Tanzania

Visitors to Tanzania must obtain a visa from one of the Tanzanian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries. Citizens of the following countries and territories can visit Tanzania without a visa for up to 3 months Anguilla Grenada Rwanda Antigua and Barbuda Guernsey Samoa Bahamas Guyana Seychelles Barbados Hong Kong Singapore Belize Jamaica South Africa Bermuda Jersey Swaziland Botswana Kenya Tonga British Virgin Islands Kiribati...

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