About us

Who We Are

Global Trading Investment, Construction and Consulting Services Joint-Stock Company (GTICC,.JSC) is founded by a group of professional consultants in 2006, and immediately known as an adviser in trading investment, Immigration, Foreign Labors, Construction, Travel, Business Management as well as Trade Promotion activities for domestic and foreign investors.

Our consulting services put our clients’ benefit in our headline by guaranteeing accuracy, truthfulness, effectiveness built on our reputation at reasonable cost. We are always available for supporting our clients to researching on different aspects including Vietnamese market, investment and business environment, Immigration, foreign employees, and everything related to residence in Vietnam of foreign labors and their family members as well, supporting domestic and international investors accomplish their business in Vietnam. With the guideline of putting our customer first, our well-educated and experienced staffs commit to provide the most effective services.

What GTICC,.JSC offers:

  1. Business Environment:
  • Updated information of government policies
  • Investment environment
  • Government’s economic growth policies
  • Policies on investment encouragement and incentive
  1. Trading Consulting
  • Supporting on the lookout for new investment opportunities
  • Consulting all different aspects in investment environment
  • Promoting investment projects
  • Assisting investors in performing all administrative procedures
  • Supporting business establishment in Vietnam
  • Performing all procedures after receiving business license
  1. Immigration Consulting
  • Updated information of Vietnamese and international Immigration
  • Guidance for foreigners to obey Vietnam Immigration regulations.
  • Collecting all latest information about Immigration of foreign countries
  • Supporting Vietnam Immigration: Applying for Vietnam Visa, Visa Extension, Temporary residence card, 5-year Visa Exemption
  1. Advisory for foreign labors
  • Updated information surrounding foreign labor management in Vietnam
  • Guiding employers and foreign employees to comply all regulation related to Foreign labor management in Vietnam
  • Researching working environment in Vietnam
  • Supporting on performing all administrative procedures related to foreign labor management in Vietnam: Apply for new Work Permit, Extend or Renew Work Permit, and Work Permit Exemption Certificate
  1. Travel Services
  • Consulting and recommending attractive destinations in Vietnam and the world
  • Offering travel services for both domestic and international trips: Air ticket, Hotel reservation, conference room, shuttle car, short tour, and Entry Visa.

With our extensively experienced consultants in investment and business environment, Immigration in Vietnam and other countries, foreign labor management, and travel services as well, GTICC,.JSC is always confident in giving the most efficient strategies, solutions for every difficulties occurring in investment, business, working, and residence in Vietnam.

We commit to be always at your service at all times and bring you confidence to operate and improve efficiency in your business. Your success is our success!

Our Core Principles

We believe that every client should have the perfect immigration experience. What does this mean? To us, this means honesty, transparency, and availability for all invested parties—HR, foreign nationals, and company management.


GTICC.,JSC (Vietnam-legal.com) is a Consulting Company that focuses on immigration service each and every day, one client at a time. We understand practicing consulting is really about trust and getting results. We also know that selecting a consultant you can trust can be a challenging process. That’s why we approach our work with one goal:  to exceed your expectations.


We believe in open, clear, and immediate communication; we aim to respond to all emails and calls within 1-2 hours of contact.  Our consultants are available around the clock to ensure that our clients always receive a quick and reliable response.  We work as a team for you. This means that more than one attorney will be working on your case and available to assist you as your case moves forward.  Our experience has shown that a team-based approach results in an increase in the level of service to our clients.  At Vietnam-legal.com, you will always have access to multiple consultants who are familiar with and care about the details of your case.


We always strive to deliver a flawless work product.  To ensure that we do so, our team pays relentless attention to updates and changes to immigration laws as well as Labor Law, Department of State, and Department of Labor adjudicating standards.  With Vietnam-legal.com, you can trust that our advice and guidance will always be accurate and up-to-date.


Finally, we believe every client should be given fair and responsible fees.  We know our pricing model meets this standard because we have been benchmarked against the industry by many of our clients.

Why Work With Us

Service. Service. Service.

One of our core values is to exceed the expectations of each client.  We understand that you need and deserve a Consulting company that will provide you with excellent service—every day, on every case.  You shouldn’t have to “chase” after service, answers, or results.  Our goal is to provide you with a perfect immigration process so that you actually look forward to working with and hearing from us.  The immigration process doesn’t have to be stressful, and it should be a smooth and painless experience.  That is why we offer a hands-on, personal approach, designed to provide you with a seamless process every time.

Open Communication

We aim to respond to all emails within 1-2 hours of receiving them because we understand that immigration advice simply cannot wait until the next business day.  Furthermore, unlike some of our competitors, employees are able to communicate with our consultants directly (without having to go through a barrier first).  We believe that availability and communication is what inspires confidence in our firm and is what sets us apart from our competitors.

We drive, so you don’t have to

We completely manage and drive your company’s immigration process from start to finish so that your HR staff can focus on other responsibilities, duties, and priorities.  Our extensive knowledge and established corporate immigration process – developed Vietnam-legal.com over the past decade – allows our multinational clients to leverage our resources, so HR spends less time worrying about employee immigration matters.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven record of successfully working with many multinational companies. Our clients continue to work with us because we get results, offer a fair pricing model, and believe in transparency, direct communication, and availability.  Our clients know we are there for them around the clock—even on weekends.  When you do business with us, you will always have access to multiple attorneys who are familiar with and care about the details of your case.