Change about Vietnam Tourist Visa (DL) from 01 July 2020

Change about Vietnam tourist visa from 01 July 2020
02 Jun 2020

According to Law No.51/2019/QH14, point a Clause 1 Article 13 provides the following: “The duration of temporary residence is equal to the duration of the visa; in case the visa has a DL category for a period of over 30 days and considered for extension of temporary residence as prescribed in Article 35 of this law.”

The law clearly states that foreigners who enter Vietnam with a DL (tourist) visa, if the visa is valid for 1 month, they will be granted a 1-month temporary residence stamp on the visa, if the visa is for a period of 3 months, the temporary residence stamp is only issued for 1 month from the date of entry and want to stay and consider extending the temporary residence as prescribed. So the law is very suitable and limits the subjects who take advantage of tourist visas to work and work illegally in Vietnam.


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