Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Embassy of china in vietnam
11 Aug 2015

The bilateral relation between Vietnam and China was officially established long time ago, making more opportunities for citizens from two countries to exchange and corporate in many fields as economy, science, and culture-society.

Therefore, Diplomatic Missions of China, especially Chinese Embassy and Consulate in Vietnam are considered the bridge to connect all citizens from two countries. With two Diplomatic Missions, travelers and businessmen from China can be supported and protected, and Vietnamese citizens and expats in Vietnam can get assistance to apply for Visa to China and get more information related to China.

1.  Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Address: 46 Hoang Dieu Street, Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Telephone: (+84) 4-38453736
  • Fax: (+84) 4-38232826
  • Email:  [email protected]
  • Website:  http://vn.china-embassy.org

2.  Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam

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