Consular Legalization For Documents Issued in South Korea

Legalization for Documents issued in South Korea
01 Nov 2017 continues to provide consular legalization service for all documents issued in South Korea. They are legalized at Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassy of Vietnam in South Korea. Then, when your documents get back Vietnam, you can do the translation and notarization to be used in Vietnam. Documents are required to get consular legalization including:

–    Education Certificate, diploma, transcript

–    Employment certificate

–    Letter of Appointment

–    Labor Contract

–    Passport, Birth certificate

–    Marriage certificate

–    Household Registration

–    Martial status certificate

–    Business license

–    Tax declaration

All documents issued in South Korea are required for: Vietnam Work Permit for Koreans, Marriage between Korean and Vietnamese, Business establishment in Vietnam, etc.

Processing time: 7 – 10 working days

From now on, you do not need to spend much money on air – ticket or Visa to go to South Korea to get consular legalization. is always willing to give you with the best assistance all the time.

Please feel free to send us scans of your documents to our email: support to get more specific consulting.

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