List of documents required for invitation execution on foreign citizens entrance to the Republic of South Ossetia:

1. For the inviting party – passport of the citizen of the Republic of South Ossetia or a documentation package of a legal body registered on territory of the Republic;

2. Copy of passport of the invited person;

3. Copy of document proving the sibling connection (if relevant).

Upon entry to South Ossetia territory all foreign citizens must within 3 (three) days register in the Immigration control office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of South Ossetia.

Foreign citizens arriving to the Republic of South Ossetia for tourism must address the Committee on youth policy, sports and tourism of the Republic of South Ossetia and ask to write an official invitation letter.

Journalists arriving to the Republic of South Ossetia are accredited by the State Committee on information and Press upon application of the seconding party.

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Visitors to South Ossetia do not require a visa. However, visitors are required to hold a valid Russian visa that permits them to return to Russia unless they are Russian citizens or citizens of countries that are exempt from Russian visas and to notify authorities about their visit in advance. Meanwhile, citizens of 3 other Post-Soviet disputed states can travel visa free to South Ossetia. All members of the Community for Democracy and Rights of Nations have agreed to abolish visa requirements for their citizens. This includes:


Republic of Artsakh