All citizens of the European Union must have a valid passport .

All visitors must have a valid passport, and according to their country of origin, some visitors must also have a French visa that states COLLECTIVITE DE SAINT BARTHELEMY ET SAINT MARTIN “valid for France except CTOM” or “DFA” (French Departments in the Americas). All visas must be issued by the French Embassy before travel begins.

All American and Canadian citizens arriving in Saint Barth must have a valid passport, as well a round-trip ticket or proof of continuation of travel. A visa is not necessary if the intended stay on the island is inferior to, or equal to, 30 days.

However, the passport must be valid and not expire for at least three months from the date of entry to the territory of St Barthélemy.

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Nationals of the following countries can enter and reside for an unlimited period without a visa in Saint Barthelemy. They may use their national identity card instead of their passport as a travel document.

 European Union Liechtenstein  San Marino
 Andorra  Monaco   Switzerland
 Iceland  Norway


For stays of up to 3 months in a 6-month period, visa-free entry is granted to nationals of the following countries and territories (except as otherwise noted):

Albania1 El Salvador Nicaragua
 Antigua and Barbuda  Guatemala  Panama
 Argentina  Honduras  Paraguay
 Australia  Hong Kong  Saint Kitts and Nevis
 Bahamas  Israel  Saint Lucia2
 Barbados  Japan  Serbia1 3
 Bolivia  Macau  Seychelles
 Bosnia and Herzegovina1  Macedonia1  Singapore
 Brazil  Malaysia  South Korea
 Brunei  Mauritius  Taiwan4
 Canada  Mexico  United States
 Chile  Moldova1  Uruguay
 Costa Rica  Montenegro1   Vatican City
 Dominica2  New Zealand  Venezuela


  1. With biometric passport.
  2. Visa-free entry of up to 15 days for each stay, as long as the visa-free short stays do not total more than 120 days over a 12-month period.
  3. Except with passport issued by the Serbian Coordination Directorate.
  4. With passport bearing identity card number.