Rwanda visa

* General documents:

  1. A letter requesting a visa addressed to the Embassy
  2. A form for the visa application filled in twice
  3. A valid passport or travel document
  4. 2 passport size photographs with white background.
  5. Valid documents confirming your residence in one of the countries covered by the Embassy, i.e. work permits, pupils pass or business visa.
  6. Non-criminal record
  7. Invitation letter
  8. Passport fee payable on submission
  9. Receipt for visa fee


– The application form must be filled in capital letters and your signature must be affixed inside the box at the bottom of the application form.

– Children are no longer endorsed in their parent’s passports but are also allowed to acquire their own.

With Rwanda Visa, please feel free to contact for:

+ Consulting all visa requirements, condition, the duration of visa

+ Collecting and assessing all documents to apply

+ Performing all application form, administrative procedures on behalf of client

+ Supporting notarization and translation

+ Representing client to submit documents to competent authority

+ Following and informing the result to client

+ Representing client to get visa at Embassy/Consulate.



Citizens of the following countries are visa exempt for 90 days

Angola Guinea São Tomé and Principe
Benin Haiti Senegal
Burundi Indonesia Seychelles
CAR Kenya Singapore
Chad Mauritius South Sudan
DR Congo Philippines Tanzania
Ghana Saint Kitts and Nevis Uganda


Holders of diplomatic and service category passports of China, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Gabon, India, Israel, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Turkey and United Arab Emirates do not require a visa.