Macau visa

General documents :

  1. Passport – Original passport that is valid for at least another 6 months with at least one blank visa page, a photocopy of the passport’s information/photo page and emergency contact page.
  2. Visa Application Form – You must submit truthfully completed and signed. Do not leave any field blank.
  3.  Copy of the passport face page, previous Macao visa and valid developed countries/ regions’ visa.
  4. Photo – Affix one color photo on the Application Form. The photo should be recent, front view, white background, in 48mm x 33mm size without head covering. Glue the photo to the appropriate field. Stapled/taped/clipped/detached photos will not be accepted.
  5. Sponsor letter or invitation from Macao.
  6. Trvavel itinerary
  7. Company bank statement (latest month)
  8. Company pay sheet (last 3 month)
  9. Documents supporting your purpose of visit.

With Macau Visa, please feel free to contact for:

+ Consulting all visa requirements, condition, the duration of visa

+ Collecting and assessing all documents to apply

+ Performing all application form, administrative procedures on behalf of client

+ Supporting notarization and translation

+ Representing client to submit documents to competent authority

+ Following and informing the result to client

+ Representing client to get visa at Embassy/Consulate.



Holders of passports issued by following countries and Hong Kong permanent residents can enter Macau as a visitor without a visa (for a maximum period as stated below)

1 year:

 Hong Kong (for holders of Hong Kong Permanent Identity Cards or Hong Kong Re-entry Permits, regardless of nationality)

6 months:

 United Kingdom (all classes of British nationality)

90 days:


All European Union citizens1 Iceland Mongolia
Albania Israel Montenegro
Andorra Japan Morocco
Armenia Lebanon New Zealand
Bosnia and Herzegovinia Liechtenstein Norway
Brazil Macedonia Serbia
Cape Verde Mali South Korea
Dominica Mauritius Switzerland
Egypt Mexico Tanzania
Grenada Moldova Uruguay

1 – except the United Kingdom.

30 days:


Australia Malaysia Singapore
Belarus Monaco South Africa
Canada Namibia Taiwan1
Chile Philippines Thailand
Ecuador Russia Turkey
India Samoa United States
Indonesia San Marino
Kiribati Seychelles


1 – also applicable to holders of Taiwan Compatriot Permits.

Holders of a travel document issued by Portugal to non-citizens who are unable to obtain national passports are also exempt from possessing a visa to enter Macau for a maximum of 30 days.



14 days