Iraq visa

1 – The passport has validity for a period of minimum six months.
2 – Filling in a Visa application form with two photographs.
3 – Ability to cover the cost of living during the period of his stay in Iraq for holders of ordinary passports.
4 – There is no objection prevent him from entering the territory of the Republic of Iraq regarding the public health, security, morals, or the national economy.
5 – Provide a convincing reason for visit depending on the Visa type.
6 – The requester not accused or convicted of a crime outside Iraq may be extradited for.
7 – There is no order of deporting him from the Republic of Iraq and to achieve this must check the records for the barred from entering Iraq in accordance with the attached form (1).
8 – Full address in the place, which he will stay in the Republic of Iraq.
(Foreigner Residence law No. (118) for the year 1987, and the amended (Article V).

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Visa on arrival

Nationals of the following countries may obtain a visa on arrival at Al Najaf International Airport or otherwise as noted:

Bahrain Qatar
Kuwait Saudi Arabia
Lebanon1 Turkey2
Oman United Arab Emirates


1 – may obtain a visa on arrival at any point of entry

2 – may obtain a visa on arrival at Baghdad International Airport


Non-ordinary passports:

A visa is not required for holders of diplomatic or service passports for nationals of

Kuwait (30 days)

Turkey (45 days)

Lebanon (6 months for diplomatic passport holders , 3 months for service passport holders )

Iran (30 days)

China (30 days only for diplomatic passport)

Iraqi Kurdistan

Visitors to Iraqi Kurdistan arriving through the Erbil International Airport or Sulaimaniyah International Airport may enter visa-free for up to 30 days (unless otherwise noted) if being holders of one of the following passports:

European Union Citizens Norway
 Australia Qatar
Brazil South Korea
Canada Switzerland
Iceland Turkey (15 days)
Iran (15 days) United Arab Emirates
Kuwait United States
New Zealand