Visa to Algeria

visa to algeria

visa to algeria

The Embassy of Algeria in Hanoi (Vietnam) is entitled to deliver the visas of entry in Algeria to Vietnamese, Lao, Cambodian and Myanmar nationals as well as foreigners residing in Vietnam, in Laos, in Cambodia or Myanmar.

Conditions for the delivery of a visa:

+   Presentation of a valid passport of at least six months.

+   Form of request for visa ( 01 specimen) duly filled and signed Form of request of visa in English.

+   Three (03) identical recent color photograph (passport size).

+  Document or certificate of residence in countries covered by the Embassy.

*   For a business visa , it is necessary to provide, in complement, an invitation letter of the partner in Algeria mentionning the name, filiations, the address and the duration of stay in Algeria and a letter on official letterhead from the applicant’s employer stating the purpose of the trip, and the full names and addresses of their contacts in Algeria as well as the following form to be fully filled and signed  information Form for visa request in professional matter.

*   For the press visa, fill the document  Form of request for press visa in English.

*   Applicants for visa of entry in Algeria, who do not reside in Hanoi, must send their passports and the above mentionned documents to the Embassy by registered postal mail and take the necessary measures with an express postal service (at the applicant’s expenses) for the return of their travel documents.

Note: The holders of Vietnamese ordinary passports are exonerated from the payment of the expenses of visas under the terms of article 6 of the agreement between Algeria and Vietnam bearing the removal of the visa for the nationals of the two countries carrying diplomatic passports and service.


Algeria is a country in North Africa. It has a Mediterranean Sea coastline in the north and is surrounded by Morocco to the northwest, Tunisia to the northeast, Libya to the east, Niger to the southeast, Mali to the southwest, Mauritania and Western Sahara to the west. After the secession of South Sudan from Sudan, Algeria became the largest country in Africa.


People & Culture

Mixed ancestry

Algerians are of mixed ancestry, mainly of Berber or Arab origins, but also with descendents of Europeans (such as the French or Spanish) and Sub-Saharan Africans. Skin, hair and eye colour vary greatly.

Nine out of ten people live along the northern coastal region, where the major towns and cities are situated. In the Saharan regions of the south, some communities remain nomadic or semi-nomadic, such as the Tuaregs and Gnawa.

Most people speak a North African dialect of Arabic known as darja. But education and the written language are in classical Arabic.

The place of religion

The vast majority of Algerians are Sunni Muslims, though in some places, there are minority groups of Christians. A rise in fundamental Islamic groups within Algeria caused serious conflict in the past and there is debate among many Algerians about the place of religion.

Some of the population practice very traditional versions of Islam, where women wear hijab dress, covering everything except the face and hands, and men leave beards untrimmed. Other Algerians prefer a more moderate religious approach and Western-style dress is common.

Dance, music and the arts

Algerian culture has been experiencing something of a revival, with traditional forms of dance and music (such as Chaabi) becoming more widely taken up once again.

Local instruments such as the oud (a stringed lute-like instrument) and maqrunah (an Arabic wind instrument which can be fitted with a pouch, similar to a bag-pipe) provide unique regional sounds.

Music is also influenced by global trends. Rap-style Rai is a modern form of Algerian songs with a message and is popular among younger generations.

Traditional arts and crafts, such as rug-making, pottery, embroidery and jewellery-making, are practised across Algeria, though certain regions are known for particular items, such as the carpets of Ghardaia and the silver jewellery and swords of the Berber and Tuareg regions.



The citizens of the following 7 designated countries as well as refugees and stateless persons residing in these countries can stay 90 days in Algeria as long as their purpose of visit is tourism or business:

Libya Morocco
Malaysia Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
Mali Seychelles
Mauritania Tunisia

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