Legalization Service

The second step in the document validation process is legalization of your document at the countries embassy consulate in Vietnam. This step is also known as Apostille or Attestation. Once we have authenticated your document it can then be presented for legalization following a specific set of requirements and procedures. This may include processing fees, identification documents, powers of consultants, direction letters and forms. These requirements do change often and if not followed will delay or cause a document to not be legalized, but not to worry our expert assistance ensures your peace of mind.

We can help you with the apostille, attestation, legalization of documents at all foreign embassies or consulates in Vietnam. Our some years of experience working with the diplomatic community allows us a distinct advantage in assuring that your sensitive document is processed efficiently. As a recognized leader in our field many embassies or consulates in Hanoi and Hochiminh City recommend us as the preferred service provider. We have become the document apostille, attestation, legalization experts for:

  • Embassy of Austria
  • Embassy of Egypt
  • Embassy of Iraq
  • Embassy of Kuwait
  • Embassy of Panama
  • Embassy of Saudi Arabia
  • Embassy of Ukraine
  • Embassy of Australia
  • Embassy of Germany
  • Embassy of Israel
  • Embassy of Mexico
  • Embassy of Qatar
  • Embassy of Spain
  • Embassy of UAE
  • Embassy of Colombia
  • Embassy of Honduras
  • Embassy of Kazakhstan
  • Embassy of Netherlands
  • Embassy of Russia
  • Embassy of Turkey
  • Embassy of USA

Our Legalization Service – How we assist you with the second step:

  • Consultation to ensure that your document is ready for processing
  • Strict operational procedures to ensure the privacy and security of your document
  • We personally present and review your document with the embassy official to ensure its legalization
  • Email updates at each stage giving you up-to-the-minute status
  • Experienced agents to assist with any extra requirements
  • We coordinate shipping of your completed document to its final destination anywhere in the world

Although we exercise every advantage in order to ensure the prompt and efficient processing times of our client’s requests for legalization of documents, they are dependant on the service by the particular embassy. To receive the current approximate processing times for a particular embassy please contact us and we will provide the current embassy fee, which is in addition to our fees, or any other strict embassy requirement that must be followed in order to process your document.