Legalization, Authentication For Documents Issued In Indonesia provides a fast legalization service, authentication service to assist you in legalizing your documents issued in Indonesia be used in Vietnam or other countries in the world. This might be the first time you have ever known about Legalization. Legalization is required to prove that your document has legal validity in Indonesia and the country where it will be used. Vietnam and many other countries also require all documents issued in Indonesia to be legalized by Ministry of Foreign Affair and then embassy or consulate of destination country. Legalized documents will be useful for different purposes such as: applying for a new job, doing business, getting marriage, divorcing, registering a birth, work permit, buying or selling property, etc. offers a totally inclusive service ensuring your documents are successfully legalized and will be accepted in Vietnam or other countries depending on your demand. Thus, please feel free to contact us via hotline +84 988 297 732 or [email protected] with scan of your documents. We will check and give you the answer as soon as possible. is able to support you to get legalization, attestation for these types of documents issued in Indonesia:

Corporate documents

Personal documents

  • Certificate of Establishment
  • Certificate of Renaming
  • Memorandum of Understanding
  • Regulations
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Resolution
  • Report
  • Annual declaration
  • Tax certificate
  • Accounting book, Audit report
  • Customs declaration
  • Tax return
  • Invoice/Bill
  • Contract
  • License/ Permit
  • Agreement
  • Residence certificate
  • Company’s documents
  • Legal documents
  • Certificate of Free Sale
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Death certificate
  • Court of law’s document
  • Power of attorney
  • Judicial Record
  • Career certificate
  • Appointment decision
  • Driving license, ID, Passport
  • Degree/ Diploma
  • Certificate of merit
  • Qualification
  • Academic transcript
  • Academic record
  • School invitation
  • Recruitment Letter
  • Overseas study documents
  • School report
  • Curriculum Vitae

Why choose us?


Real advisors answering your calls and emails. Our legalization team will provide answers to all of your questions and help you understand the legalization and authentication service. You can call us during normal working hours via +84 988297732 or +84 243 5626100 or email us to [email protected] for a prompt reply. We provide free advice before, during and after you place an order.

EMAIL SUPPORT WITHIN 2 HOURS aims to reply to all email enquiries within 2 working hours. In most circumstances emails are answered within just a few minutes. However, we do receive a high volume of emails and during peak hours it may take an hour or two for us to respond to you. All emails are answered professionally as quickly as possible.


Our legalization office is open from 8.00 to 17.00 – Monday to Friday. One of the team will be pleased to discuss your documents with you and start the apostille service.


If your documents need further attestation by one of the embassies in Vietnam we can help. We courier documents into various embassies every day for a fast and safe embassy legalization service.


Errors and delays are reduced by checking your documents before they are submitted. We see many documents every week that are not correctly signed, dated or certified. When an error is identified we will contact you to provide clear advice on getting your documents prepared correctly.


If required we can translate your documents at the same time as doing the legalization, authentication and embassy attestation so can save you time and money. Ask us for a translation quote.

DELIVERING IN VIETNAM AND OVERSEAS is Working with several couriers we can safely dispatch your documents anywhere in the world. We always recommend you choose a courier delivery for return of documents so that we can track documents to your door. If you prefer first class post you accept the liability for any documents that get lost in the post.


The Legalization, Authentication and Embassy Attestation Service at are provided by Global Trading Investment, Constructions and Consulting Service Joint Stock Company with company registration number 0106945001. We operate from our head office at No 95 Cau Giay Road, Cau Giay District, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam, where you are welcome to visit us to discuss your document legalization requirements. As you can see we have been providing document legalization services for a long time so you can trust us with your documents. Give us a call if you have any questions, we are always happy to help.

What is included in our service?

  • All documents are checked as the embassy will only accept certain documents.
  • Notarization or notarized translation will be provided if required.
  • Presenting documents to competent authorities and diplomatic mission for attestation and legalization.
  • All embassy fees, government charges, administration costs and other expenses are included in the price.
  • Original documents required to get legalization, authentication
  • Copy of passport
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