Apply for Certificate of Investment Registration

Apply for Certificate of Investment Registration
07 Feb 2018

Cases need to apply for Certificate of Investment Registration

1. Cases must be carried out procedures for the issuance of Certificate of Investment Registration

– Investment projects of foreign investors;

– Investment projects of economic organizations:

+ Having a foreign investor holding 51% or more of charter capital, or a majority of members of the partnerships is a foreign individual for the  economic organization is partnership

+ Having the above-mentioned economic organizations that hold 51% or more of the charter

+ Foreign investors and economic organizations mentioned above hold 51% or more of charter capital.

2. Other cases where there is a need to grant Certificate of Investment Registration

Application for Certificate of Investment Registration

1. Request for implementation of the investment project:

– For investors being individuals: copy of ID card or passport.

– For investors being organizations: copy of the establishment certificate or other equivalent document certifying the legal status

2. Investment project proposals include the following contents: Investor based on investment objectives, investment scale, investment capital and capital mobilization plan, location, time limit and investment progress, demand for labor, investment incentives, impact assessment, socio-economic efficiency of the project

3. Copy one of the following documents:

– The most recent two-year financial report of the investors

– The financial commitment of the parent company

– Commitment to financial support of the financial institution

– Guarantee of the financial capacity of inventors

– Documents explaining the financial capacity of inventors

– Proposal for land use

– Explanation on the use of technology, process flow chart

– Main technical parameters,use status of machinery, equipment and main technological lines for the project using technology on the list of technologies restricted from transfer

BBC contract for investment projects in the form of BBC contract.


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